Netnic Is About Computer 

Netnic is a computer education blog. Its tell about computer programming language as like c,c++,html,java,python,java scripting etc.

Netnic provide all feature of programming language. It’s also describing short tricks of social media and latest technology. I will provide the best knowledge for me .

Netnic also provide hardware related information . You can contact me and ask anything .

In this blog  i will tell you more then trick for using computer and latest technology of software related and latest technology which are using and most popular language.I will providing some trick of computer and its fundamental as like hardware related,input devices output devices, software related as like programming language and use of application.


About me-:  My name is vikram singh. I am writing this blog for technical knowledge of computer and its related fundamental.

If you have any question you can asked me here


thanks you    ………..vikram singh

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