concept of multimedia

Definition of Multimedia-: It is formed by the combination to two Word” Multi and Media” .Multimedia is a combination of some or all forms such as  data,text, photographs,images, animation, video and audio, which are converted from different formats into a single platform .

In other words we can say that Multimedia is designing pertaining to a form of artist ,educational or commercial communication.
Multimedia is the field concerned with the computercontrolled integration of text, , drawings, graphics,still and images,animation,video, audio, etc.
Elements of multimedia-:  There are many elements are available in multimedia elements these are
  1. Text-:It  is the most important part in multimedia elements.These are different than other types of text such as paper text ,Notebook text and any other  texts . Text involves the use of text types, sizes, and colours. In multimedia Other media can be linked through the use of text. In the text some notes, captions, subtitles, contents, indexes are involve.
  2. Audio-: A multimedia application may require the use of speech, music and sound effects. These are called audio or the sound element. There are two basic types of audio or sound:                                                                  analog and digital audio.  In other words we can say that a audio technology records, synthesizers, and plays audio .
  3. Video-:This technology records, synthesizers, and displays images  in such sequences (at a fixed speed) that makes the creation appear as moving. In order to watch a video without any interruption, video device must display 25 to 30 frames/second. In other words we can say that the  Video is the more important part of the Multimedia. Video provides a powerful impact in a multimedia program. In multimedia applications, the digital video is gaining popularity.
  4. Animation -: Computer animation is a modern technology which helps us  creating, developing, sequencing, and displaying a set of images. Animation gives visual effects. Animation refers to moving graphics images.Animation is especially useful for illustrating concepts that involve movement.
  5. Graphics-: This technology is  generate, represent, process, manipulate, and display images. This is the  most important components of multimedia application.Graphics include still Pictures, image and Photo alone and those with dynamic movements like animation. Its make the multimedia application attractive.




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