How to Block Websites

Website Blocking -: There are lots of the website available on the server.There are lots of Goods website and some are dangerous for our children.We don’t want to open these website in our home or office. For blocking a website there are many software available in the market. But these software are paid and some are free. Now we will see How to Block Websites without using these software.

how to block a website

You can block unwanted website using the simple command.You can create a Simple program in your notepad file easily.

Create A Website Block Software In Notepad

For creating a website block software in notepad follow these process..

1-: First open the Notepad using the start menu ——->All Programs——>Accessories——–>Notepad . You can open it direct.

2. Write the code here or write a command here that is given the below..

@echo off
 cd "c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc"
 echo >> "Hosts"
 echo >> "Hosts" 

3. If we have the window install in c drive then “c:\Windows\System32\Drivers\etc” Or given the name of the drive here. If window have install in D or E then replace the name of C:\ or D:\ or E:\ .

4-: Next line we give the echo >>”Hosts” Here give the website name which we want to block. If we want to block this website If we want to block more the one website then given the name here of all the website name here.

5-: Now next Go to the file menu and save this file . For saving the file give the file name and save with .Bat extension. For example If we are saving the file name blcok then we save the file block.bat and click save button. As like

website block kese kare

After clicking the save button our software is ready for use.Now we use this software for block the website.

How to Block Website

We have created a software or program in our notepad file. We can use this software in window 10, Window 7 ,etc. Now the next How to Block WebsiteS. You can block websites in windows and other browsers. This file save in our desktop go to the desktop or go there where your file is save. Now Right click the file . Then You got a Menu as like here.

website block

After clicking You get a dialogue Box open here. It asked you Do You want to allow the following program change your computer ? . It give two option here you select the YES button. Your program are install. All the website list has been given there they will not open in your system. Whenever you can’t unblock them.

How to edit Website List -: For edit the website list go to the file and right click the website and click the edit button. Now edit the website list and save it. Now run it again as a administration. your website list has been edit.

How to Unblock Websites

Some time we want to open these block website or the reason of blocking website are completed. In this condition we want to unblock these website.For unblocking these website follow these process-..

1-: First open the Notepad file using the Run as administration. first go to start menu—–> Select Notepad —-> Right Click here—–> A menu will open here —-> Select here Run as Administration. As like

2- A notepad will open here. Now click the file menu and click the open button. A dialogue Box will open here. here You select the window driver which you are using. I am using C drive then i select C drive.

  1. First select window drive C.
  2. In the c driver Select the window option.
  3. In window option Now select the System 32 folder
  4. here select the driver option in window into c drive.
  5. In the driver select the etc folder . its looks like empty. now see the below and select the all files here as like.

Here Select the host file in the etc folder. It will open in the notepad

Now delete the website name here. which we want to unblock. And save here.

Your website is unblock or it will open in your browser.

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