HTML –: html is a hypertext markup language.It is easy to learn.

Introduction of html  -: Its main purpose for developing a wold wide pages. means  HTML was developed for the web application. HTML is not a programming language but it is know as a markup language. By the help of html we can create our web page. By the help of any computer test editor as like notepad we can create own our web page.


Format command in html -: In html language provide all type formatting command here. These command are use giving the special effect in the text in a paragraph. These  are some

  • Bold
  • Italic
  • Underline
  • Heading 1 to heading 6
  • Break line – This command has already we use. this command is use for given the break in two line.

html commands  -: HTML is a web developing language that provide some special command that are using in special effect. It provide all type facility as like

  • Subscript
  • Superscript
  • Hypertext etc.

Button in html -:HTML is a web programming language that providing the facility for  multiple type button in our web page. There are many types buttons are available here HTML language.

  • Insert a button in html -:  In the html language we can insert button.
  • Insert A Radio button -: In the html language we can insert Radio button.
  • Insert a check Box html-:  In the html language we can insert check button. Check button also provide the facility for select one item more then item
  • Insert a list box in html-:  In the html language we can insert list box.
  • Edit box in html-: In the html language making a edit box in html we can write this command <Text Area> and </Text Area>