link building strategies

link building strategies-:  If we want to grow our website rank it is necessary that the we must do seo.  Links building are the  important part of seo technology.

Create a Link On  Wikipedia-:  Wikipedia is a very popular web application that providing website Link. For creating a Link On Wikipedia follow these process …

First open the Wikipedia   and click here.

Select the language in which you want here i am selecting English language. After a web page will be open . Here on left side corner there are many button select a  create a account. Click here for creating a account.

After creating a account a confirmation mail goes to registered mail id. After the creating account login here…

Search the dead link :

In the New tab of browser open a website wikigrabber 

After open this website we write some word as like we write computer as like


This show many words list Here we see three button on this image click here to dead link.

After the clicking dead link we click here where the Wikipedia words is writing there.

A new window will open in this window Press CTRL+F button of keyboard. In search box write DEAD LINK  and press enter.

In the window will show the list of dead link we get the number of dead link and repeat these process. press CTRL+F and write the number of dead link and press enter.

It show the edit source option click here a source window will be open there. We press the CTRL+F and press enter and search the dead link. A link of website show here. This website has been closed or link will be deleted permanently.

We give the our website link   here and the publisher name .

We give the title and change the publisher name. After giving these information we click the published button.

It will show for successful then we will see here there are no dead link on this word and when we click here our website link will be published there.



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