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YouTubers Introduction -: who is the youtubers ? This question is very simple but answer also is simple. who are uploading video from YouTube and earn money they are called youtubers. YouTube is a social media platform that provide the facility to the user upload the video and earn money. For uploading the video it is necessary to create a youtube channel.

top youtubers

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Top YouTubers In India -: YouTubers income depend on the views. Some users view become in a small time but there are some top youtuber that income is very high in this case we can say that the top youtuber are the highest rich youtuber. The youtubers income is not consist it depends on the view

Amit Bhadana -: He is the very famous Youtubers. he is the Indian content creator who is popular in the YouTube community. On his channe he basically creates content that is categorized under comedic sketches. Some of his top videos on the channel are featuring slice of life content.

Bhuwan Ban -: He is the very famous YuTubers. His channel name is BB ki Wines. He is a comedian, singer and writer. he started his channel in 2014 and close it and after he started his channel in 2015.BB Ki Vines is now a global sensation in the YouTube community. Bhuvan Bam uploads regular content on his YouTube channel which is focused on the category of humor and comedy. He plays 4-5 characters himself in order to keep his audience entertained.

Gaurave chodhary -: He is the very famous youtubers. His channel name is Technical Guruji. This channel is related from the technical issue. he started his youtube channel in 2015.

Ashish chanchlani -: He is the very famous Youtubers.He is the actor. his youtube channel name is Ashish chanchlani vine.

Sandeep maheshawari -: This is very famous youtubers. His channel name is sandeep maheshwari. He is the first indian youtubers who cross the 1000000 subscription. His video face the real life problem. He is the founder and CEO of, the largest collection of Indian images. He is a motivational speaker and is well known for his free Life-Changing Seminars.

Rajesh kumar -: This is very famous youtubers. His channel name is factTechz.This channel is related for science.He wan born in 2000.

Nisha Madhulika -: This is the very famous youtubers. This channel name is the Nishamadhulika . This channel showing about the cooking food. Nisha madhulika was born in UP. Nisha Madhulika is one such Indian content cooking creator . She helps us learn cooking in the most simple manner.

Vidya Iyar -: vidya iyar is indian american youtubers. her channel name is vidhy vox. her channel is a musical songs related. In this channel has 42 videos.

T.S Madaan -: This is very famous youtubers and his channel name is TSmadaan. This channel is related sales and service. If you are interested in sales then you should subscribe this channel.You can learn sales tips and tricks.

Dr. Vivek Bindra -: This is very famous youtubers and his youtube channel name is Dr. Vivek Bindra : Motivational channel. He started his channel in December 2016. This channel is related to the motivational video.

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