What is software and its type

Definition:-Software are the set of programs/packages which we can not touch and feel as like hardware(It is device which we can touch and feel).Software provide better communication between computer/PC and user.

Software is the combination of instructions to perform the specific task.

Types of software

Basically there are two types of software as shown below.
1.System Software
2.Application Software

System software:-

System software are also known as background software as most of them runs at background to support foreground process.It acts as an interface between a computer user,computer hardware and application software.There are four types system software as follow.

a)Operating System
c)Device drivers
d)Language translators.

a)Operating System:-
Operating system is a software that coordinate computer resources.It also acts as an interface between user and computer hardware and application software. Operating system handle many of technical details related to using computer. Some Examples of operating system are given below.
Linux, Unix, Microsoft windows XP etc.

b) Utilities
This utility concept is some what same as like tool kit and tool box that came with your newly purchased bike. Though we are not mechanic, these tools are given for the purpose of conducting periodic maintenance of bike to maintain its efficiency and performance. Utilities functions in the same manner for your computer to make more efficient. Utilities are also known as service programs. Generally utilities are used to perform specific tasks related managing computer resources. Some utilities are given below that came with Windows XP are given below.
Disk defragment, backup, disk cleanup etc.

c) Device Drivers
As we know there are different types of devices connected to a computer system which includes some input devices (for example.. keyboard, mouse, scanner etc.), some output devices (for example. monitor, printer, speaker etc.) and other devices like pen drive, mobiles etc. Then one question arises that how can computer distinguish these devices while functioning them. And answer is because of these device drivers.

Whenever you connect device (printer, mouse etc.) to computer system, computer system has a special program associated with it. This program is called a device driver. Device drivers works with operating system. And because of this there is communication between that device and rest of computer system.

Every time when you connect new device to computer system, it searches for its device drivers in operating system and if found, operating system install it and device work properly. And if device drivers are not in operating system then it gives you message for providing it.

d) Language translators
Language translators translate programming code or programming instructions into machine code so that computer can understand and process it.

2.Application software:-

Application software are also known as end user software as these software used by end users to complete their task.There are two types of application software as follows.

a) Basic application software
b) Specialized application software

a) Basic application software
Basic application software are also known as general purpose applications and productivity applications.
Example – Microsoft office 2007

b) Specialized application software
Specialized application software are also known as special purpose application software.
Example – graphics programs, audio and video editor programs