Insert Button in html

Button –HTML is a web programming language that providing the facility for  multiple type button in our web page. There are many types buttons are available here HTML language. Insert a button in html -:  In the html language we can insert button. where we want to insert we give this way as like First … Read more

Learning html commands and use

html commands -: Here are multiple html command are given Subscript -: By the help of this command we can create subscript. This is mostly use in math and other formula  as like <body> netnic<sub>.org</sub>// use of subscript </body> output—–   Superscript-: By the help of this command we can create superscript.  as like  <body> netnic<sup>.org</sup> … Read more

html formatting command

HTML Format command -: In html language provide all type formatting command here are some BOLD-: This command use for text in Bold in html language as like  its represent <b> <html> <head> <title>tips and Technic of computer and internet</title> </head> <body> <b></b><br />                      … Read more

Learning HTML

Introduction of HTML-: Its main purpose for developing a wold wide pages. means  HTML was developed for the web application. HTML is not a programming language but it is know as a markup language. BY the help of html we can create our web page. By the help of any computer test editor as like … Read more