Learning HTML

Introduction of HTML-: Its main purpose for developing a wold wide pages. means  HTML was developed for the web application. HTML is not a programming language but it is know as a markup language. BY the help of html we can create our web page. By the help of any computer test editor as like notepad we can create own our web page.

In other words we can say that the Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a simple markup system used to create hypertext documents that are portable from one platform to another. HTML documents are SGML documents with generic semantics that are appropriate for representing information from a wide range of applications.

Full form of HTML is Hyper Text Markup Language. html is use for GUI (graphical user interface) these facility are use in GUI

  • learning and reading of graphical representation
  • GUI use for lower experience
  • By the use of GUI speed are increase by making a software.

  Elements and Tags of HTML-:

Element of html-: Html has three main part of html elements these are

  1. Start tag-: When the HTML language are started they called the start tag as like <html>,<head>,<title> are all the start tags.
  2. content-: in this Middle part are as like <body> Tag are the content tags.
  3. End tags- By the Help of this tag we can close the html programming as like </html> etc.


<title>tips and technic of computer and internet</title>
The website provide all the information about computer and internet


In this programme <H1> are tags

In title element we write the title of  document

<body>  in body elements we write all body section

Rules of use HTML elements

  • First HTML tag start
  • second  head tag are necessary
  • Third Title tag are necessary
  • Body tag
  • IN html first elements close in last and last element close first example  above  in body element we use <H1> and close first
  • Important -: All the tag and elements are close necessary


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