inheritance in java

Inheritance in Java-: Inheritance is the feature of object oriented programming system. Inheritance is the process by which object of one class acquire the properties of another class. It support the concept of hierarchical classification. For example the bird ‘robin’ is a part of the class ‘flying bird’ which is again part of  class ‘bird’. … Read more

array in java

Array in java-: Arrays are  the collection of same data type in a large value called the array.  Array are the part of data structure in Java. Data structures are tools that allow us to store and access sequences of information rather than using individual variables. Variables are great when we have one specific piece … Read more

switch case in java

Switch case in java statement-: Like any other programming Java support switch case statement in java. we have seen that when one of the many alternative is to be selected we can use an if statement to control the selection .Some time complexity of such a program increasing dramatically when the number of alternative increases. … Read more

java if else

Java If else statement-: Like any other language In java If ..else statement is a powerful statement. It is a condition statement and decision making statement. If is a Java keyword and it is  followed by two condition between which we put the statement to be evaluated. If Java determines that the statement we write between … Read more

java loops

Java Loops-: loops allow us to execute a block of Java code over and over again as many times as we see fit.. Looping Provide a control statement any programming language. Like any other programming language java support Looping system. In other words we can say that the looping a sequence of statement are executed until … Read more

java operators

Java Operators-: Java has a lot of operators, simple and composed. Most Java operators are the ones we know from maths but because programming involves types other than numeric, extra operators with specific purposes were added.  Like any other programming language Java support many types operator these are.. Assignment operator Numerical Operators Binary Operators Relation Operators Bitwise … Read more

data types in java

Data types in java-:  A lot of Java code was written but when we are doing designing of classes, only the most simple data types are used, a few numeric ones and text. In the JDK  a lot of data types are declared for a multitude of purposes: for modelling calendar dates, for representing multiple types … Read more

java features

Java Features-: The primary objective of Java programming language creation was to make it portable, simple and secure programming language.Java borrowed most of its syntax from a programming language called C++, which has a syntax based on the C language. The main features of java is .. High level and general purpose: Rather than being created … Read more