Reason for choosing c# instead unity-script

Choosing to use c# instead of Unity Script-: For creating a game c# programming is mostly used.There are many reason for using the c# programming. These are the

1-: Vast amount of documentation on the internet –: The first reason for choosing the c# is a well known and a heavily used programming language developed by Microsoft for creating window application and web based application . If you ever need to known anything about c# simply do a search on the internet.

Unity script is just a scripting language designed specifically for unity. It’s similar to java script yet it isn’t. You may be able to search for java script solution on the web but the code may or may not work within the confines of unity without modification if at all.

why start of learning a limited scripting language,specific only to unity when you can use c# a true programming language and find information everywhere.

who know once you see how easy c# is maybe you might decide to develop for window or the web some day. You will already have the basics of c#.

once you learn c# you will pretty much know unity script too.

2-: C# – flexibility to use unity scripts and regular c# code file-: C# files you have in your unity project folder that are not unity scripts are accessible without the need of attach them to game objects.

The state machine project we will create. C# code files that are not attached to any game project.

I am not saying you can not create a state machine by unity script. Its just so much easier with c#. Every unity script file has to be attached to a gameObject to work and be accessible to other scripts. c# overcomes this necessity.

3-: C# coding rules are specific-: In c# is known as a strictly typed language. When we write code in c# unity will catch coding error immediately learning a subject is always easier when the rules are specific and not some fuzzy. we can if we want to kind of logic.

Unityscript is not a strictly typed language. You have the potential to write code that is not valid but unity would not catch the error until you press play.

Finding mistakes as you write the code is so much easier than having to dear with them when a user has found them when they are playing the game

Is is easy force unityscript to be strictly typed but if you are going to do that then you may as well be using c# anyway which brings us .

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