Top Programming Language

Top Programming Language-: 

In the developing field here are many programming language are available.There are hundreds of programming languages in widespread use each with its own complexities and idiosyncrasies.

Definition of programming language. – A programming language is a set of commands, instructions, and other syntax use to create a software program. In other words we can say the programming language has set of group of function,keywords,tokens,array etc.

There are some Programming language are

1.Python:-Python is a high-level programming language . Python is the one of the world’s fastest-growing languages. It’s an easy to learn  but it’s often used for higher-level programming like machine learning and data analysis.

Python is a open source programming language. If you want to start to learning it is very easy to learn.


Use of python- Its are mostly using in high level as like

  • Robotics
  • Data mining
  • Machine learning
  • Artificial intelligent

Using of Framework-: Python is using Django  and Bottle framework is using.

Big companies as Like Google,twitter,Spotify and Pixar are using Python for  Backand server side programming.

Learning the python programming language click here

2. Java language-:Java is an object-oriented programming  language. It was developed  by Sun Micro system, which is now owned by Oracle. It’s used for databases, developing Android apps, as a “back end” programming language for the web, desktop applications and more. It’s immensely popular, considered one of the most stable and reliable ways to build large system.

Java is run any operating system as like Mac, windows any IOS. It’s Framework are popularly as like Spring,JSF and GWT are very famous.

Big companies as like amazon,Facebook,google are using java programming.

3. Ruby Language-:     Ruby is also object oriented programming language. It is a dynamic open source programming language that focuses on simplicity.

It is Using to build some of the apps.We can use each day. Ruby on Rails, a popular web-application framework. It is implemented in Ruby. In fact, apps like Twitch, Sound Cloud, Hulu, Zendesk, Square and GitHub were built with Ruby on Rails.

Ruby on Rails is going very popular its fact are…

  • It is Model view controller
  • Easy of maintenance and supporting system
  • Easy to learn

Its framework is Ruby on Rails


4. Java Script-: Java scripting is a programming language.JavaScript is the programming language behind much of the web, and it’s used to build interactive plugins and websites. Java script is runs on web browser.80% Web developer are using java script for creating a web page.

Java has 3 frame work are using as like angular js, Node js and React js.

Its demand is very high it’s using WordPress,Microsoft etc


5. C++-:  C++ is a Functional object oriented programming language. c++ is runs on .Net framework. It’s application work in different device and different platform.

C++ is using for game development and client server application .

It it necessary to understanding C++  java script is necessary.


These are most popular language.

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