android vs iPhone

android vs iPhone-:  

When we are making a plan to buy a smartphone then we got confused. what we will use android vs iPhone Because Both are the providing multiple feathers.  Most of the people see the rate between them but this is not true. I am telling some feathers here…

We can compare here in these brands….

Strong hardware – iPhone hardware and software are controlled by the Apple. In the iPhone we can select only models. iPhone has a strong hardware.

Although google providing android software  for Samsung,Lg,Motorola etc. Android phone are available different size, version and quality. Although premium prize hardware are strong but low cost premium are weak.

Operating system Compatibility-: New latest launching IOS 12 5 S are supporting all the model. IOS 11 has been install 66%  model.

Android 9 pie has been install in 0.1% model.

Apps selection and control.-: In April 2018 in Apple app store has a 2.1 Million apps are available  and Google play store has a 3.5 Million apps are available.

Apples  control his apps security this way save the apple user for bad condition.

Intelligent assistant  – In the AI and voice interface are mostly using in android apps. Google assistant share all the formation as he knows.

Battery life – In the starting apples phone battery need to daily charging but these day it’s takes more then 3 to 4 days.



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