Remove Forget Jio Mobile Password

How to Remove Forget Jio Mobile Password :

Today mobile is using everyone. Some one using android version and some keypad  . Every person using different password. In this  i will tell you How can we open Jio Mobile Phone Lock or  how can reset Jio phone password.


Jio mobile Providing different Type Mobile . Each mobile has a short key First Find out the short key of any mobile phone as like i will tell you about Jio lYE 2403 mobile short key .

  1. First Remove the battery of set and shut down.
  2. Second  Start the power button and    * (Star) option of Keypad Mobile if  you are using LYE 2403 set press the both button in same time
  3. when power is on leave the power button and press   *(star) option.
  4. Setting will be appear on the screen

This type setting will be appear on the screen. here are many option available here we select the system reboot .

After system is take some time of rebooting. when is completed It will start automatically.

Loss of Rebooting Mobile –

In this process all the data will be deleted and contact list also .




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