Adrotator control in csharp

The AdRotator control in csharp present ad images that when clicked, Navigated to a new web location.Each time the page is loaded into the browser an ad is randomly selected from a predefined list. The rotation file defines the following the attributes of each ad. Except for ImageUrl, these attributes are optional in … Read more

Wizard control in csharp

Wizard Control In csharp-: This is a advance control its definition is a step by step process to perform any task. In this process we can perform any task by clicking next, if we have any mistake in process we can go to back to previous step. Sometime we want to break process in … Read more

Radio button control in csharp

Introduction of Radio Button control-: This is another server side control.Radio Button are the option button in which we can select one option at a time. The radio button list control provide a single selection checked list.Like other list control, radiobuttonlist has an item collection with member that correspond to each item in the list. … Read more

Dropdownlist control in csharp

Introduction of dropdownlist control -: This control is a server side control. Dropdownlist control is used to create a dropdown list. Each selected item in a dropdownlist control is defined by a list item elements.The dropdownlist control called the combo box because it store multiple item but we can select one item. How to add … Read more

List box control in csharp

Introduction of list box control in csharp-: We know that the list box control is the server side control. The list box control have collection of items. We can add or remove any item pro-grammatically. The list box control provides a single line selection or multi-line selection list. To enable multiple selection set the … Read more

Checkbox in csharp

Introduction of checkbox in csharp-: checkbox is used to allow user to select multiple as if we are providing training for multiple technologies then we can use checkbox to allow select multiple courses.Now we can call server side c# code when the user checked or unchecked. There are two type check box … Read more

TextBox control in csharp

Introduction of TextBox control in csharp-: Like the other tool TextBox control is a very popular tool. It is used for input data as like character,integer value, password data,email data,date,time etc.In simple word the TextBox is a place where user can input some text or value on web form. How to insert TextBox … Read more