introduction of .net framework

What is .net framework-: The Microsoft .NET Framework is a component of Microsoft Operating system. It is a software framework which is designed and developed by Microsoft. The first version of .Net framework was 1.0 which came in the year 2002.

In other words we can say that is a virtual machine for compiling and executing programs written in different languages like C#, VB,.Net etc.
It is used to develop Form-based applications, Web-based applications, and Window application .

There are  a large variety of programming languages available on the .Net platform as like visual basic .Net and C# being are  the most common  . It is used to build applications for Windows, phone, web etc. It provides a lot of functionalities and also supports industry standards.

.NET Framework supports more than 60 programming languages in which 11 programming languages are designed and developed by Microsoft. The remaining Non-Microsoft Languages which are supported by .NET Framework but not designed and developed by Microsoft.

It has a large library of pre coded solution to common programme requirement and manage the execution of programme written specially for framework. The .net framework is a key of Microsoft offering and is intended to be used by most new application created for the window  platform.

The pre coded solution that form the framework base class library cover a large range of programming needs in area including as like

  • User interface
  • data access
  • Database connectivity 
  • Cryptography
  • Web application development
  • Numeric Algorithm
  • Network communication


programme are written in .net framework execute in software environment that manage the programme run time requirements.

.Net framework is included with Windows Server 2003 , Windows Server 2008, window vista etc.

List of programming language which are developed by the Microsoft -:

  1.     VB .net
  2.     C#
  3.     F#.NET
  4.     JSCRIPT.NET
  6.     IRON RUBY
  7.     C++.NET
  8.     J#.NET
  9.     IRON PYTHON
  10.     ASML
  11.     C OMEGA

These are all the developed by the Microsoft .



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