Bitwise operators in c

Bitwise operators-: “c” has a districts of supporting special operation known as bitwise operator for manipulation of data at bit level.These operators are used for testing bit,shifting them right or left. bitwise operators may not be applied to float or double. these are bitwise operators as like here &            bitwise AND  … Read more

Conditional operators in c

Conditional operators in c-:  In c language provide a special type operators . This is called the ternary operators.  A ternary operators pair in “?” is available in c language its called a conditional operators for example  if we have 3  condition  we can use this operators expression 1 ? expression 2 : expression 3 … Read more

Increment and Decrement operators

Increment and Decrement operators in C-: C language providing very useful two operators these are the Increment and Decrement operators. These are different type operator. Increment operator increase the value and decrement operator decrease the value. First is the increment operator(++ )-:  it adds one (1) in the value and  its called the increment operator. … Read more

Assignment operators in C

Assignment operators-: Assignment operators are used to assign the result of an expression to a variable. We have seen the usual assignment operators “= “. C has a set of shorthand assignment operators of the form as like               s op= exp ; where s is a variable, exp is … Read more

Logical operators in C

Logical operators in C-:  C support three type logical operators these are here  &&   meaning this AND  ||        meaning  this OR  !        meaning this   NOT The logical operators && and || are used when we test more then one condition and want to result. as like x>Y && x==10 brief … Read more

Relation operator in C

Relation operator-:  we obtain compare two quantities and depending on their relation.Take certain decision For example- we make compare the age of 2 person or the  price of two items, and so on.These comparison can be done with the help of Relational operators. we have already used  the symbol is greater(<) than meaning less than … Read more

arithmetic operators in C

arithmetic operators C-:”C” provide all the basic arithmetic operators the operator + – multiplication division these are work for the same way as they do in other language these can operate on any built in data type allowed in C .the unary   minus operator in effect multiplies its single operate by -1 therefore a number preceded … Read more

Operators in C

operator in C language:- C support a rich set of built in operator we have already used several of them such as equal to add(+)Minus(-)  multiplication(*) and division(/) operator is a symbol that tells the computer to perform certain mathematics or logical manipulation. operators are used in program to manipulate data and variables. they usually form … Read more