Relation operator in C

Relation operator-: 

we obtain compare two quantities and depending on their relation.Take certain decision For example- we make compare the age of 2 person or the  price of two items, and so on.These comparison can be done with the help of Relational operators. we have already used  the symbol is greater(<) than meaning less than an expression such as is greater than 

a<b or1<10

Containing the relation operators is termed as a relation expression. The value of a relational expression is either one or zero.  for example

10<40 is true

40 < 10 is false

“C” Support six type relation operators these are

  1. <          Is less then
  2. >          is grater then
  3. <=        less then or equal to
  4. >=         grater then or equal to
  5. =          is equal to
  6. !=         is not equal to

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