Character Set IN C Language

 Character set In C programming Language-:
The characters that can be used to form words numbers and expressions depend upon that computer on which the program is run.  However, is subset of characters is available that can be used on most personal Micro Mini and mainframe computers. The characters in C are grouped into the following categories:
1. Letters
2. Digits
3. Special characters
4. White spaces
The compiler ignores white spaces unless they are a part of a staring constant. White spaces may be be used to separate words, but are prohibited between the factors of keywords and identifiers.

Trigraph characters
Many non English keyboard do not support all the characters. ANSI C introduce the concept of Trigraph sequence to provide a way to enter certain characters that are not available on some keyboards.Each trigraph sequence consist of 3 (two question marks followed by another character) for example, if a keyboard keyboard does not support square brackets ,we can still use them in a program using the trigraphs ??( and ??).


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