How to Start Email Marketing

Definition of Email Marketing -: Before we start email marketing it is necessary to know about this. Promote your business by taking the help of electronic mail(email) for any business promotion.

In other words we can say that the promotion of new products or information about the offer or attracting people towards you by email (to generate traffic on website or blog.) This technique is called email marketing.

how to do email marketing

Initially it would be very difficult to bring traffic to the website or blog. In other words we can say that it is very difficult for any startup business to increase sales. But, building a list of your customers and audience through email marketing is quite easy to promote your website. Above all, if a mail is sent to the visitor about any service from the company. So how well does that company do its work, it is also known.

How To Do Email Marketing

There is no need to make a better email marketer that you have a blog or website, you can not start email marketing without these things.

1-: For Starting email marketing You have a email account. If you have a business account that is very good. First create a business account or create a email account on yahoo or Make a gmail account for example

2-: Now we need a list of many active emails. So that we can promote our products and services. For this you need a web service is required from where you can collect email list . As the best way of blogging is to store the users’ Mail Id.

You can purchase email list from web service provider like Godaddy, Emaildatapro etc. Or you cal collect email list from your blog or website.

3-: For sending a bulk email you need email marketing software. In the marketing many paid and free software are available this software called the email marketing tools.

Email Marketing Tools

In the market there are many free and paid tools are available. To start an email marketing campaign, this is the most important requirement of professional email software, using which we can send Bulk mail simultaneously and track the sent mail. There is some popular software in it.

  • Milchimp
  • GetResponse
  • ConvertKit
  • AWeber
  • Constant contach etc.


Strategy is most important factor of email marketing. There are some strategy has been given here

1-: Personalize email -: When we say personal email marketing, we do not mean to send an email to every single customer. It means that you can use customer data to create personal messages for example amazon has its own personalize. Means all Amazon’s emails are personalized.

2-: Make section to subscriber-:The best way to get small business owners to start their business would be to create a segment of people who list themselves as a small business owner who live within 20 miles of your event and then Send them an invitation by email. The partitioning part is simple and can be easily done through CRM software.

3-: Send Mobile Friendly emails -: Most of the people are using mobile and they will open email in mobile. So then create a mobile friendly email.

4-: Use automatic email campaign -: Use automatic email campaign means use good software for email marketing.

5-: Test your page -: Whether you test your home page, landing page, or email template, the test provides us with data to make practical decisions that will improve our marketing performance.

Templates of Email Marketing

There is a file that serves for a new document at the start of a starting point. This is called the templates. When you open a template, it is useful in a pre-formatted state. For example when we open MS Word it has predefined templates like there are some email templates are available.

Advantage of Email Marketing

1-: More than 70% of visitors to any website never return. But when you inform him of your business offer or discount sale from time to time through email, then he definitely comes to you physically or on your online store or website and he maintains a relationship with you That is a big factor in increasing your business.

2-:Compared to new visitors, returning visitors are easier to convert into customers. In fact, research shows that visitors who take 2 to 3 visits to your website mean they are actually thinking about doing business with you or buying something.

3-:Email marketing is the most effective of any other online service which is also helpful in increasing your sales. So if you want to increase your sell then you should start email marketing.

4-:When you create an email list of your own, you make your visitors feel that you have not forgotten them by collecting email addresses and sending them valuable and new updates. This is a big thing for your business.

How To Select Best Email Services

Before you start email marketing you select the best email service for you. There are some useful tips that will help you selecting the best email services

1-: Easy to use -: The email marketing service that you are selecting must be user friendly. Most of the business people are not very technically strong. If the service is easy to use then more people can use it easily.

2-: Templates Must be user friendly-: Whichever email marketing service you choose, there should be user friendly templates that can be used according to time and opportunities.

3-: Email sending Limit -: Email Limit has a lot of contribution in any email marketing service, you have to see how much money you are getting the facility to send how many emails per month.

4-: Report of email marketing -: Whichever company you run should have a full report because only then you will know how successful your marketing is.

5-: Support of email service provider -: Whichever company has a plan, its support system should be good, so that you can get help if you ever have any technical needs and your work does not stop, for this, read the review of the company on search engine.

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