What Is SMS Marketing

Message Marketing Introduction -: Before we know about SMS marketing It is necessary to Know what is Message Marketing. Message Marketing make two words first is message and second is marketing.

Message marketing is the part of Digital Marketing. For example any eCommerce company want to sell his product online or give the information about his product then company will send message to people. in this process company use message marketing.

Types of Message Marketing

There are two type message marketing

  1. Email Marketing -: Message will be send to the Email.
  2. SMS Marketing -: SMS will be send to the people Phones.

SMS Marketing

1-: Introduction Of SMS Marketing -: SMS is a short name of short message services(SMS). When we promote any product using bulk sms message this process called the SMS Marketing.

For example you have a eCommerce company any want to sell electronic item online. In this condition you want to increase your sell online and use the SMS Marketing.

in this condition you create a sms which has full information about his product and what is offer running now this product and a link has been given there where the user directly reach your website and see the product offer.

2-: Bulk SMS Marketing -: When the messages send to the hundred people or thousand people or millions people this process called the Bulk Short Message Service marketing.

SMS Marketing Services

SMS marketing Service provided by many companies. There are lot of the companies available that are providing bulk sms marketing services for example simple text, text magic, etc.

These service provided by two way

  1. You can buy SMS API -: In this process you can purchase a sms API and use it.For example bulk sms API etc. In this process you can create his own sms sender application.
  2. You can Buy simple SMS Services-: In this process you can purchase message. In this service a sms sender application already available.

SMS Marketing Software

Which software that we are using for sending a bulk sms to the people called SMS marketing software. There are many software available which we can use it. Some Software list has been given here

  1. Servetel
  2. mTalkz
  3. Bitrix24
  4. Omnisend
  5. Agile CRM etc.

Advantages Of SMS Marketing

There are many advantage of SMS Marketing. These are the

1-: Direct To customer -: You can promote your product direct to the customer. You don’t need third party or mediator.This service is like to B 2 C.

2-: Instant Delivery-: This service is the instant delivery. Your product information or message reach to the customer immediately after sending it.

3-: Affordable Price -: This service cost is very low. For per sms 3 to 5 Paisa in Indian currency.

Disadvantage Of SMS Marketing

Limited Words Capacity -: In this marketing We can send only Limited words. There are no more description for any product.

Do not add any Media-:In this we can add any type audio or video or any type image. In this we can send only text message.

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