What is Artificial Intelligence

Introduction of Artificail Intelligence -: Artificial Intellignece are combination of two words. First is the artifical it mean it is not natural. It is built in the laboratory. Second word is the intellignece it’s mean the power of thinking. In the simple words we can say that a technology that built by the human who can think, relise and take decesion as like a human called the artifical intelligency.

What is ai

Artificial Intellignece is a branch of computer science. It’s short form called AI (Artificial Intelligence). A machine work like a human or a Robot work as like a human called the AI. It’s main task is to make such an intelligent machine which is as intelligent as a human being and which has the ability to take its own decision. AI is also known as machine learning.

History of Artificial Intelligence -: When a computer were developing and doing better progress then human think for developing a machine that can think like a human, can learn and take decision.

IN 1955 John McCarthy used the Artificial Intelligence(AI) word. He was an american computer scientist that tell about this technology in a confress in 1956. John McCarthy is the father of Aritificial intelligence.

Where we can use the artificial intelligence ?

Artificial Intellignece is going very popular in the world. It’s become most popular topic in the business and other industry. Some experting are suggesting the AI is the future of human. But i think we are using AI technoloy in the present. Here we take some example of AI technology

1-: Apple Iphone has a hey siri and best example of Artificial intelligence.By choosing hey siri we can send message, set the timer, search any information from search engine, find the any app etc. This is the best example of artificial intelligence.

2-: Google assistant -: Most of the people are using this AI tool. By the help of this AI tool we can find any information from google search engine.

3-: Amazon echo-: This tool give the answer of your question and also read the book.

Benifits of Artificial Intelligence

There are different industry we can take benifit of AI. some Industry will be given herer.

Medicine and Science Industry -: AI robots can find any disease better than human. AI Robots can solve any puzzle in miliseconds. AI give the answer any complex question.

Business Industry -: Some AI techninc are using in business. They don’t want any rest means they are working continuely. We are developing such as robot who will growinng the manufacturing capacity.

Agriculture Industry -: By the help of AI we can find any disease in agriculture field. All task will completed by the AI machine.

Transport Industry -: AI can be used for driverless vehicles, so that we will be able to prevent accidents on the road every day. We will be able to devote our time to something more important while sitting in the car. Example Tesala car

Education sector-: In the education AI is using. There are many online classes are avaiable they are using Artificial intelligence as like google assistan. Some Institute are using grading system AI technic .

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