How to Start App Store Optimization

What is App Store Optimization-: Getting the first page rank in search enginne of any website we use the seo (search engine optimisation) tehcnic. For getting increasing rank of any app in play store or google play store we use the ASO (App store optimization). It is the process of increasing the users.

Marketing technic of increasing app visibility on play store or google play store called the app store optimization. This technic most of user can see, download the app and use it. This technic are use android and ios technic.

how to start Aso

Phases of App Store Optimization

When we do ASO of any app first we know what is the phase of app store optimization. There are some phase that are necessary to know before we doing app store optimization. These are given below here

1-: Keyword Research or search your market competitor or select your niche

When we are doing aso of any app first thing is select your keyword. Which keyword you want to show your app. Search your competitor and see what are they doing.

2-: Working On ELement -: There are two type working elements . First is the onpage elements and second is the off page elements.

On Page elements -: This type element control has a app developer. When we are creating app we give the on page element name as like the title of the app, description of app, Url of the app, name of the app, Deveeloper name etc are given the on page elements.

Off Page element-: This type elements no one can control because this are given to the users. such as like Rating of any app, Review of any app, Installation or uninstallation rate of any users this are belong to off page elements.

3. Start A/B Testng -: Don’t guess any thing. App will be popular or not popular. Google has its own A/B testing tool that was developed google team. We can use this tool and do the testing of our app.

4-: Monitoring and Tracking-: It’s show our KPI study. Means how many app user increasing daily or weekly. It’s show the report daily or weekly. I will sugges your make a report daily and monitoring them.

How to Do App Store Optimization

Here we see all the complete steps of app store optimization one by one. We are dividing app store optimization into two following categeory.

  • On Page App Store Optimization
  • Off Page App Store Optimization

On Page App Store Optimisation-: When we developed any app we are using many thing as like app name, app design, app Icon etc. When we changes or make these using the programming language this technic called the on page app store optimization. In other words we can say that changes in the programming of any app called the on Page store Optimization. These are the

  1. Title elements
  2. App Subtitle
  3. Description of App
  4. Icon of App
  5. Url of the App
  6. App name
  7. Reduce App size
  8. Weekly Update
  9. Push Notification
  10. You should know about Your app key Features

Off Page App Store Optimization -: Off page App Store optimization affecttes many things as like review of app , Installation and uninstallation process , What is user say about this app etc.There are many process affect off page App store Optimization the list has been given here.

  • Review of App
  • Backlink of App
  • Guest Blogging Optimization
  • Review of App
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Installation Rate of App
  • Keyword Research of App
  • Backling using infographic and app directory
  • Understanding user acure and losting
  • App Install using paid prmotion
  • Video Marketing of App
  • Email Marketing of App
  • Sms marketing of APP

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