What Is Data Science

Introduction Of Data-: Before we start to know about data science first we know what is the data. Data is a process for represent facts, concepts, or instruction. If the data are in well format its called the information. We represent the data in character , text, alphanumeric or digits ( 0 to 9). If the data are not well format it is unusable.

Types of Data -: According the presentation of data are divided in two type data available

  1. Analog Data-: These are analogues data type.
  2. Digital Data-: These are store in computer

Introduction of Data Science -: Data Science make the two words first is data and second is science. It means study of the data in scientific way called data science. Data science is a branch of computer science but it is not related to computer field. It is related to mathematics field. When we store in data in any computer it is store in digital format.

What is Data Science -: Data science is a study that deals with the identification, representation, and data science extraction of meaningful information from data sources used for business purposes.

With the enormous amount of fact that arises every minute, there is a need to extract useful insights to make the business stand out from the crowd. Data engineers set up databases and data storage to facilitate data mining, data munging and other processes.

Every other organization is lagging behind profits, but companies that devise efficient strategies based on fresh and useful insights always win the game in the long run.

Data science main aim represent the data are insight and knowledge. although data are unstructured or structure format.

Why We Need of Data science

In the traditional way the data we had was mostly structured and small in size, which could be analyzed using simple BI tools. Unlike data in traditional systems that were mostly structured, most data today is unstructured or semi-structured.

This data is generated from various sources such as financial sources, text files, multimedia files, sensors and devices. Simple BI tools are not capable of processing this huge amount and variety of data. This is why we need more complex and advanced analytical tools and algorithms for processing, analyzing and drawing meaningful insights about it.

For these reason the data science is become popular. we take a example of understanding a data science need. In the showroom or any shops we arrange the laptop and laptop bag in one row but you arrange first laptop after some electronic item as like speaker, Bluetooth device etc after at last you keep the laptop bag. When any customer purchase the laptop then customer will purchase a bag also.

In this condition he will walk a big way for laptop to laptop bag. Then he will see the many device. In this condition it may be possible then he will purchase any device as like Bluetooth, speaker etc. By using this Technic you can generate sales lead and increase your sales.

For increasing sales you need the data. Which means what will customer purchase in the store. which product mostly like it. another example of data Netflix browser that provide all the information that the user want. if the user want to see the movie then netflix show the movie if you choose action movie it will show action movie only.

At last i will say you the main reason of data science need if you will sell your product right person who needs your product then he will buy otherwise you can not sell your product.

How to Become Data Scientist

Data Scientist -: Data scientist is a professional responsible for collecting, analyzing and interpreting extremely large amounts of data. Data scientist are made two words first is data and second is scientist.

what is data science

So let’s start with the word Scientist. As you know, a scientist is one who does research. So the data scientist is also a researcher and he researches the data. Although he does not do any research, but he researches a large data set, this data set can be from a big institute.

This data set or database is so large that it is not a matter of any common human to research it. That is why we have to seek the help of a data scientist.

This data scientist researches the database with the help of his team. It is only the scientist’s job to do research, no, if you are thinking like this then it is not so.

How to become a data scientist -: There are no any requirement for becoming a data scientist but mostly Candidates who have done M Tech or MS in Maths, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering can become Data Scientists.

Along with this, candidates should also have knowledge of Python, Java, R, SAS programming languages. Most companies seek the help of a data scientist to stay ahead in the competition. They analyze scientific results very closely. Data storing companies, such as Google, Amazon, Microsoft, eBay, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, etc. are the most needed data scientists.

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