What Is Digital Marketing

Definition of Digital Marketing-:  Digital Marketing is a process for giving the information about any product in digital way. In simple words we can say that When a company launches a new business or a new product. So after that its marketing is most important to make him successful because this is the only way that he can reach more and more people.

What is digital marketing

Earlier every big company used resources like TV, newspaper, magazines, radio, Poster and Banner to run their marketing campaign and many companies went from house to house to talk about their product. But now the methods of marketing have changed over time.

Now internet has become the largest marketing place in the world. Whether it is a big company or a small company, now everyone uses internet for marketing. Which is called digital marketing.

More than half of the world’s population uses the internet and these figures are increasing daily. This is the reason why digital marketing is expanding very fast.

It is also growing rapidly in India. Because ever since internet data in India has become cheaper, the number of internet users in India has increased a lot since India is the second largest country to use internet in the world

What is Digital marketing -: To promote any company product on the internet called the digital marketing.

This is made up of two words first is the digital it means internet and second is marketing means market where we promote company product for example internet market.

According to Wikipedia, the service or product that we use to sell any company product on digital way like internet and other mediums is called digital marketing or online marketing.

There are thousands of ways to do online marketing which are increasing over time. There is a lot of difference in online marketing compared to offline marketing.

Because by using online marketing, you can promote your product to the target audience. digital marketing is a very fast way to reach your product to the right people.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

We know how important marketing is for any company.All the companies prepare their budgets separately. Offline marketing is very expensive. While online marketing proves to be cheap and profitable. So let’s know why digital marketing is important.

1-: This is a simple and fast way to promote your product.

2-:Online marketing is cheaper than offline marketing.

3-:Digital marketing gives you better results.

4-:This is the best way for your product to reach the target audience.

5-:In digital marketing you get thousands of ways to promote your service and product.

6-:Digital marketing increases the branding value of your company.

7-:This is one way that you can promote your product globally.

8-:With digital marketing, you can market the product and sell it online.

Types of Digital Marketing

We know that there are multiple type of digital marketing. These are the

Types of digital marketing

1-: Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

2-: Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

3-: Social Media Marketing (SME)

4-: Email marketing

5-: Pay Per Click (PPC)

6-: Influence Marketing

7-: Viral Marketing

8-: Content Marketing

9-: Message Marketing

10-: Radio marketing

11-: Television Marketing

12-: Mobile Marketing

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