Data communication

Data communication-:When data are send one place to another place it is called data communication.

Components of data communication – Its has three parts
1. Sender (Tran smiting device)-: It may be a computer or terminal

2.Receiver(Receiving device)-: it may be terminal or computer
3.Channel of communication – It is a channel of communication

Mode of communication -:it is three type of mode
1-simplex- in this way data transmit one way or one direction. Means in this way one is data transmit terminal and another was receiver.


2- half-duplex – in this data transmit both of direction but data not be transmitted in same time. one is sender and other one receiver if other is sender one is receiver.

3. Full duplex- data will be transmitted both of side at same time.


Communication channel-:
medium of data transmitted called data communication channel. these are called line,cable,microwaves.

Twisted pair cable,Microwaves,Coaxial cable,satellite,fiber optical,

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