Slide show in Microsoft PPT view menu

Microsoft power point view- By the click the view menu we saw it its show all the slide view in this menu Normal-:By the help of command we can show our slide in normal view.  In this view we can writing,editing and format work easily. Slide sorter-:By the help of this command we can see … Read more

Save the Microsoft Power Point File In other device

File -: Short Key of this command ALT+F. Or By the help of mouse  we can open it 1.New -: short key of this command CTRL+N or By the help of mouse we can click and open it . This command is use for create a new presentation in documents.When we click here a dialogue … Read more

Microsoft power point

Definition of Microsoft power point-: Microsoft power point is a presentation software .It is use for a commercial platform. By the help of this software we can do audio video presentation of the information. PowerPoint was developed by Dennis Austin and Thomas Rudkin at Forethought Inc.  The first iteration was launched together with Windows 3.0 in … Read more

Language changes in Microsoft Word Tools

Language changes in Microsoft Word Tools -:In the Microsoft word tools menu are giving many facility with many command by the help of mouse we can open it Spelling and Grammer:-This command is use for checking the spell when we write text its compare and check the spell. When we do some mistake in spell … Read more

Formatting of Picture in Microsoft Word

Format menu of Microsoft Word-: Short key of this menu ALT+F.By using the mouse we can open it. This menu using for format of  text, graphics,table and many more.   In format menu has many command Font- By the help of this command we can change the format of any text or graphics.when we click here … Read more

Create A New Toolbar using Microsoft Word View Menu

Microsoft Word View Menu-:  Short key of this menu CTRL+V. By the help of mouse we can open view menu or CTRL+v by the help of keyboard we can open  it this menu In this menu we see this menu 1.Normal -:     By the help of this command we can see the documents in … Read more

Microsoft Word Edit Menus

In this chapter we can see the Edit menu of Microsoft Word By the help of mouse we can open it. The short Key of this ALT+E . The menu will be open Undo Paste-:Short key we see Ctrl+Z. This command use of see of last command . or we can say the rejection of last … Read more

Email sending using Microsoft Word File menu

In this chapter we learn the file menu First we load the Microsoft Word . Now we click file  menu option in menu bars. By the help of mouse we select the file menu or we can also select the keyboard ALT and F keyword. then we get the list below here here we see some … Read more

Introduction of Microsoft Word

Definition of Microsoft Word Microsoft is a part of application software. It was developed by the Microsoft corporation .It is an American company . Word processing means in this software any text as like Letter,Book,Report,Notice,Memo etc we can type.Microsoft  first time launched in 1981 . Capabilities of Microsoft Word Editing-: In the Microsoft Word any type information are … Read more

What is application software and It’s type

Application Software:- in this software are Set of programs developed to perform a specific task. Application software are make for specific task as like Example: Microsoft Word- this is application software used to prepare letters with features lie formatting the data, Dictionary etc.   software categories– software can be divided form a commercial point of … Read more