Slide show in Microsoft PPT view menu

Microsoft power point view- By the click the view menu we saw it its show all the slide view in this menu

  1. Normal-:By the help of command we can show our slide in normal view.  In this view we can writing,editing and format work easily.
  2. Slide sorter-:By the help of this command we can see slide in small view.
  3. Notes page-:by the help of this command notes page will be established of current slide.
  4. Slide show -: By the help of this command slide will be run.
  5. Master- in Microsoft power Point provide  the master page facility for sliding handout and notes etc. It  is a web page .It provide the facility for creating picture and clip-art. This is providing text facility also as like title writing, header,footer , date time , page number writing facility also.
  6. Black and white -: By the help of this command we can see our documents black and color .

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