What is application software and It’s type

Application Software:-
in this software are Set of programs
developed to perform a specific task. Application software are make for
specific task as like
Example: Microsoft Word- this is application software used to prepare
letters with features lie formatting the data, Dictionary etc.


software categories– software can be divided form a commercial point of
view, using two feathers the cost and the permission to be modified

1–Freeware software-Software is completely cost less . The producers of this
type software are either public institution such as universities or
developers who do it for personal interest.example Microsoft internet
explorer ,Linux operating system
2–Shareware– software which is initially cost less but after a certain
period the user is asked to pay for fee example win zip
3–commercial — software for which the user has to pay a licence to use
it. example Microsoft window and ms word
4–private–software are uniquely built under payment for a special
customer to fit his needs.

open source software–Software may be modified by anyone sometimes under
certain restriction (usually it not converting into commercial software )
Propriertary— In this software is distributed with explicit legal
warning mean we can not modifying it is technically locked example
internet explorer



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