Email or Electronic mail

Definition of Email-: Email or Electronic mail is a written message .By the  help of communication system this message send one computer to another computer system or we can say one user to another user.

Advantage of Email-: This service is providing by the internet and it is mostly .

  1. High speed -:Email message are very fast and high speedily. some software are tell that the email has read with accurate time.
  2. Cost-: Email mail cost is very low. there are many search engine that providing email facility free of cost as like, Yahoo,hot mail, etc.
  3. Convenient and easy -:This is very easy for the user and reader.
  4.  Broadcasting-: If we want to same message lot of the people this facility providing by the email this process called broadcasting. In this process the user select the index and send all of them.
  5. Offline computing and reading – Email Server providing offline computing and reading facility.It means we can read email without using internet connection.
  6. saving and printing -: Email server providing saving and printing facility also .We can print email message.
  7. Available Everywhere –: Email facility providing everywhere means we can access email any computer or mobile .
  8. Address book –Email server providing a address book of the user there user can store many email address.
  9. Increase in communication -: by the help of email communication is very big and fast.

Working system of Email-:

Email is a message that was send one computer to another computer . In this process main 3 process are use

1.Sender- It means who send the mail called the sender.

2.server- Who provide the facility  of email as like google server,yahoo server,

3. Receiver- Who get the mail called the receiver.



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