Book marks adding

what is book marking -: Some time we searching many website and want to store a website address on our search engine this process called bookmarking. In the internet explorer this website link are store in favourite and in Netscape navigator this website link are store in Bookmarking . some software are store in Hotlist name.There are many web browser there have some different process for bookmarking here will show some ..

In Netscape navigator -:

  1. First we open the web page which we want to bookmark
  2. .Now select the communication menu and click the bookmark
  3. Now open a sub menu then we select a “Add Book Mark”
  4. This process store the current url in bookmarking list.

In internet explorer –:

  1. First we open the web page we want to bookmarking
  2. now go to favourite menu and select ” Add favourite menu”
  3. Now press the Ok button

Organising bookmarking -: Some user use many website and uses many bookmark. after some time lot of the bookmark are store . so this is necessary to organizing the book mark . In Netscape  navigator providing facility to organizing the bookmarking.

in Netscape navigator  -:1. in Netscape navigator  we select the communicator menu and choose the bookmark.

2. In menu select Edit book mark then dialogue box open in window some (+) or(-) these are the folders and extra menu are bookmark by the mouse we can drag and drop these bookmark in folder

3. If we want to create a new folder we want to create the help of file menu and create a new folder.

4. If we want to delete then select the bookmark and use the DEL key of keyboard



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