What is Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Introduction-: Cloud Computing is the Computer technology in which various types of services are provided using the Internet. These services can be anything, whether it is some kind of software related service or storage space services ares to be given on the server or any other service.

what is cloud computing

When we store data in the storage of the local computer, we have to depend on the computer to access and manage it. Rather, on the contrary, in cloud computing, we can use data and resources from anywhere. Companies providing cloud services store the user’s files and applications on the remote server. After which the users can access those resources through the internet.

Cloud computing means providing any kind of computing service on the demand of the user through the Internet. Services like platform, infrastructure, , application and storage space are available in these services. In this, users use services according to their needs and pay for those services which they use. For this they do not need to build their own infrastructure.

If we explain Cloud Computing in simple language, then in this technology, the user is provided with the facility of data storage on a server of the Internet that called the cloud. Buying space on the cloud, the user can save data on it and data can be access from anywhere in the world

Example of Cloud Computing

There are Multiple example of Cloud computing.

1-: YouTube -: We know that the YouTube is a video sharing platform where Millions of video are uploaded everyday. In such a condition, YouTube uses Cloud Computing Technology to store so many videos.

2-: Facebook-: This is social networking website which billions of people have profiles and a lot of data is available, so Facebook also uses Cloud Computing to keep so much data.

3-: Google Docs-: This is another great example of cloud computing which allows users to upload their Presentations, Word Documents and Spreadsheets to their data servers. With this, it also gives the option to edit and publish those documents.

4-:Picasa and Flickr -: These are host digital photographs of billion of users in their servers. These also use cloud computing.

5-: Email-: A lot of the companies provide email facility like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. These are also use cloud computing.

6-: In the Education-:Cloud computing is also used well in the field of education.Most of the students are liking E-learning a lot. In which software like Byju’s helps you to access teaching resources online.

7-:Salesforce, Hubspot and Adobe marketing cloud are also examples of this. They are used in the field of business, which includes managing business resources and providing them security.

8- Governments also use cloud computing. They provide e-governance services to citizens using cloud-based IT services.

History of Cloud Computing

If we talk about cloud computing History then it was born in the about of 1960. When the computer industry adopted computing as a service income utility on the basis of its potential benefits. But there was a lack in both the earlier computing, connectivity and bandwidth, due to which it was not possible to implement computing according to a utility.

In 1990, Salesforce successfully implemented enterprise SaaS for the first time. After which AWS did in 2002, which provided many services such as online storage, machine learning, computation.

How does Cloud Computing Work

In the Cloud Computing there are many servers available Means computers on which a particular software is installed are used. It can be more than one. It has many software.

Cloud Computing basically works on Dual Layers technology. Where there is a separate layer to manage the servers which is called the back end and the second layer which the clients use is called the front end.

Similarly, both the back end and the front end together form a server setup for a complete cloud computing.

Types of Cloud Computing

There are two types of cloud computing.

  1. Providing the service of cloud computing
  2. on the basis of deployment.

Providing the service of cloud Computing-There are 3 types of cloud computing based on the service provided by the cloud.

  • Iaas (Infrastructure as a service)
  • Paas( Platform as a service)
  • Saas ( Software as a service)
types of cloud computing

Iaas (Infrastructure as a service)-: Iaas is one of the most basic cloud services category. It is a cloud computing model, where virtualized infrastructure is offered and managed for businesses by an external cloud provider.

In this type of service, the computing power, storage, software, network power and all other control of the cloud is with the user. This service is basically used for business. The biggest example of this is Virtual Private Server. In which you get software and network as well as computing power.

Paas(platform as a service)-: PaaS refers to the supply of an on-demand environment for the development, testing, delivery and management of software applications. As a service it meets the requirements of resources procurement, capacity planning, software maintenance, patching or any other requirement of running your software application.

In PaaS (Platform as a service), the user gets only one platform. Which can have either storage or computing power, in which you do not control things completely, they can be controlled only by the cloud provider, its examples are gmail, rediff, yahoo etc. Paas is designed to be a web or mobile application

SaaS(Software as a service)-: Saas as a pay-per-use model, allows users to use software applications such as E-mail, Adobe and Google G Suite etc. allows access to the Internet. That is, you do not need to install any software on your device to use it. While using the software, you do not even need to think about its back-end process.

In SaaS you get only one software hosted on a remote server which is used for a certain task. These types of services are mostly used by small businesses. This type of service can contain any kind of software such as Google Docs Online or Google G Suite etc. These are all examples of SaaS.

On the basis of deployment cloud computing

On the basis of deployment there are four type cloud computing

(A) -: Public Cloud Computing-: The public cloud is accessible to everyone and is managed by the service provider. Public cloud services are sometimes free or charged very little for them. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure are all examples of Public Cloud Computing.

(B)-:Private Cloud Computing -: In Private Cloud Computing, services and networks are stored on a private cloud. In this, the user does not have to share his cloud storage with any other person. For example, Google Drive is an example of Private Cloud Computing. Here all your data is protected with your email ID and password and in this your drive cannot be used by anyone other than you.

(C)-:Community Cloud Computing -: This is available to only one group of people. Apart from this, no other external person can access this data. For example, for a government office, only its employees can use the data available on its site or only the students of that university can use the material available on the website created by a university.

(D)-: Hybrid Cloud Computing-:These combinations are 2 or more different types of clouds (Private, Public and Community) Only then a Hybrid cloud infrastructure is formed where each cloud remains a single entity, but all the clouds combine to create multiple deployment models, which are very slow.

Use of Cloud Computing

Use of Cloud Computing From small start-ups to global corporations, from government agencies to non-profit organizations, we are using Cloud Computing for one reason or the other. Some of the major uses are explained in detail below.

File storage –: Normal users use cloud computing to store, manage and share their files in a remotely hosted system. Google Drive or Dropbox are good examples of this.

Website Hosting –: For those website owners who want to avoid the hassle of hosting and maintaining a website, cloud-based web hosting is a great option for them.

Backup and Recovery -: Even today many businesses and organizations take backup of their data manually in a storage device, while it is not very effective. With cloud-based backup, you can easily back up your data. It is also easy to recover data in this way.

Test and Development –: ​​Cloud computing also plays a good role in the testing and development of any software and network. Cloud services help to check whether your software is running smoothly or there is no error in it.

Advantage of cloud Computing

There are Multiple advantage of using of cloud computing. Some advantages given here

1- File storage-: This is the most important of cloud computing. Here we can save big file on the cloud and we can use every where using the internet.

2-: Easy to access data-: When we are using cloud we can access data anywhere in the word using the internet/

3-: Large Processing Power-: Cloud has a large processing power. We can buy large processing.

4-: Less price –: In Cloud Computing, we can buy storage space as per your requirement and we have to pay only that amount. For example, if you need 10 GB of storage, then we can buy the same amount of space by paying 10 GB. For this you will not have to buy 100 GB hard disk.

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