full stack developer

Full stack developer definition -: Full stack developer is a person who has enough knowledge and experience in the both developing technology front end and back end development. In other words we can say that Full stack development refers to the development of both front end and back end portions of an application.

full stack developer

Scope of Full Stack Developer -:  According the stack overflow developer survey the demand of full stack developer is very high. Big companies as like Facebook also hire a stack developer. Indian IT companies are also hiring and giving good salary.

Full stack developer are two types

1. Front End Developer -:It is  also known as client-side development.This  is the practice of producing HTML, CSS and JavaScript for a Web application and Website so that a user can see and interact with them directly.

2 Back End Developer -: It is also Known the server side development. Back end developer interact the database and other coding part of software and application. In other words we can say that A back-end developer is a type of programmer who creates the logical back-end and core computational logic of a website, software or information system

How can become a full stack developer -: For become a full stack developer 7 technology are necessary .

1   HTML-:   Become a full stack developer a developer must  be Known HTML programming language If he knows semantic html that is very good.  Developer learn the CSS 3 progressive responsive design and framework also as like bootstrap or other framework


Java Script Language – : We know that the java script is a programming language It is very important part of any web application.For a full stack developer must be knowledge Advance Java Scripting Language as like DOM (Data Object Model) Scripting. DOM is the API of HTML and  XML. DOM  is structured for all java documents. 

Another Advance java script JSON(JavaScript Object Notation) It is the mediator of web and server application and  work for data integration.

Asynchronous programming skill define as like ‘callback’ and frame work also as like Angular JS, J query etc.

Database Programming -: This is the part of Back End Developer. Become a full stack developer a developer must be understand the database operation and authentication as like SQL etc. How can use framework as like Python, Ruby etc.

4 Database and Web storage-: This is also part of the Back End Developer. Where is the data store and how are the data store in database. What are the relation between data and how is working .Where are the cooking and session.   It’s knowledge must be necessary for a stack developer.

HTTP and Reset API- This is the Important. For a stack developer necessary to know how the server and client communicate to each other as like how can send java script code send exists in back end Which technology are using for a security purpose as Like SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate etc.

6 Web Application Architecture -:  This is a important part of become a full stack developer in this technology developer define the code,where the code is structured,where we hosted our code ,hosting media file etc. are very important to know for a stack developer.

Algorithm Analysis -: For become a full stack developer Algorithm knowledge must be necessary we must know what is data structure pattern how data short,how can data analysis, data shorting  , Memory allocation etc. It’s knowledge Must be necessary for a stack developer


These are 7 thing Must be Necessary for a full stack developer.


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