how to earn money on tiktok

What is Tiktok -: Tiktok is a social media app. TikTok is an iOS and Android social media video app for creating and sharing short video, comedy video and talent videos. Tiktok  app was launched in 2017 by ByteDance, for markets outside of China. ByteDance has previously launched Douyin for the China market in September 2016.

How to use Tiktok app-: Before the using the tiktok app. First you install the app. Go to the website of tiktok or go to play-store and download the tiktok and install it.

How can earn money using tiktok app-: Tiktok is a social media app where you can create a account and publish your videos . When you are publishing a video you get more followers from tiktok. If your video become popular then your followers increase here .Top TikTok users have millions of followers and can make millions of dollars per year.


For earning money from tiktok app you get  millions of followers and can make millions of dollars per year.

When you will get million of followers you can earn money there are some way ..

1 .-  Brand Sponsoring-: This is the most popular way for earning money from tiktok. TikTok is one of the most popular apps in the world, advertisers are willing to high payment to showcase their brand to a primarily young audience. top TikTok user would range in the $50k–150k range if not more depending on the number of views they can get. There’s a lot more money in the space.

2. -Selling your product-: If you become famous on tiktok you can sell own product or other product.You probably are no stranger to merchant (healthy foods, electronic item, clothes, shirts, pants, etc. ) being sold on TikTok and across all platforms has been shown to make about the same if not more money than ads would make you.

3. Cross promoting your other social media accounts.  As like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… The most popular TikTok user  really build large audiences across all other platforms not only to diversify just in case TikTok dies, but also because more people looking will be looking at your content which equals more money.

4.  Sell trending from tiktok-: It means you can sell emoji from tiktok. In others words we can say that the tiktok provide some emoji if you want to send some special for your friend then you can purchase emoji. For example i am following some one this is live when we are sending some emoji these are free when we want to send some special emoji we want to purchase this emoji. we can sell emoji and gain money.

5. you can earn money using the web promotion and app. there are many app owner and website owner want to promote there web and app. they will pay you for prompting there app and website.




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