how to convert pdf to word

PDF file Introduction -: PDF is a file format.The full name is the portable Document File. PDF is a extension as like .txt, .rtf, etc. PDF was developed in 1990 by adobe .We can open PDF file easily any device as like laptop,computer,mobile etc. For open the PDF file it is necessary adobe reader must be installed. PDF do the  compress of your file. You can store your digital signature in your PDF file.

Word File Introduction -: Word file means MS word. Microsoft word was established in 1983. After year it was changing.It was developed from Microsoft company.It is a doc file. It is very simple file. We can open word file in any laptop,computer or any mobile phone easily.It is available for window, Mac, Android etc.

How to convert pdf file into ms word file -: We can easily convert pdf file into word file. There are two way for converting pdf file into word file.

  1. Convert PDF into word  without using any software
  2. Convert PDF into word using software

1.- How to Convert PDF file Into Word File Without installing any software- : You can easily convert PDF file . For converting the PDF file follow these process.

  • First open GOOGLE in your web browser and search here google drive.
  • It’s asked the Email id and password give the email id and password here.
  • After Login upload the PDF file which you want to convert into word Upload into google drive.
  • After uploading the PDF file make a copy of your file for the future use it is no necessary for  create a copy of your file
  • Select the PDF file and Right click the PDF file and choose here open with button and select google docs to open a PDF file as like



  • Now click the file menu of google docs and click the download button. When we click the download button its show many option as like Microsoft Word,etc.


  • There are many option available here we can download this file in any format. Select the format and click it.We select first option Microsoft word and click it.
  • The file is converted into MS word and it’s saved in our system.


Using The Acrobat -: By the help of this tool you can easily convert PDF file into .docx file. follow these process

  • First open a PDF file in acrobat.
  • click the right side on export pdf tool.
  • Here choose the Microsoft Word for export format
  • Give the file name and click save button.
  • The pdf file converted into .Docx file.


PDF file convert into word using the software -: There are many online tools available in the market they will provide the facility for converting PDF file into MS word. There are some Paid tools and some are free tools.Here we will discuss some tools

There are lot of the website are provide online pdf converting facility you can easily convert PDF file.You can easily remove pdf password also.



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