how to earn money online

Online Money Earning Introduction -: Before we learn earning  money online  it is necessary to know what is online earning money ? .When we work online using internet and computer or laptop etc. There are some company or people they give us work or they hire you for a work.For example if you are a web developer and some one want to create a website they hire you for creating a website and they will pay you some money.This is called the online earning money.

There are many way for online earning money. These are the ..

1-: Earn money from the blogger -: If you have a good knowledge of your professional you can write a blog or you can make a blog free of cost. When your blog become  popular you can earn lot of money here.You can create a WordPress blog here.

2-: Earn money from the website : This is the best idea for earning money. When you are running a website then you can earn lot of money here. There are some website that are earning millions of dollar.

3-Affiliating marketing -: When your blog or website or your channel become popular you can earn lot of money  using the affiliate marketing. There are many companies that are providing affiliate marketing facility as like eBay,amazon,flip-cart,click bank etc.

4-: Earn Money from YouTube channel -: YouTube is a best platform for online earning money. You can create your YouTube channel and upload your video.If your video become famous then you can earn lot of money here. Many You-tuber’s earning are in millions of dollar.

5  Earn money from Facebook-: Facebook is a social networking site that is providing many facility. You can earn money from Facebook. Here you can create your Facebook page and earn money.

6-: Earn money from tiktok-: Tiktok is a social video uploading app where you can upload your video. Here you can earn money.

7-:Get Freelancing Job -: This is the best way for earning money online. you can create a freelancing profile and get the many jobs. There are multiple freelancing website that providing freelancing job as like web designing, web development jobs, virtual assistant jobs,admin support and many more jobs. There are some freelancing website list are fiver,upwork, etc. You can create a profile free of cost and earn money here.

8-: Sell photo’s online -: If you are interested in photo’s you can sell your photo’s online and earn money here. There are many user they will buy your photo’s.

9.Online Tutors -: If you are a tutors and expert in your professional. You can earn money here. You can give the tuition here and earn money .

10.-Become the captcha solver -:  If you have more free time then you can solver the captcha. By the solving the captcha you can earn money here.

11- Write a post -: If you are interesting in write then you can earn money for writing a job. You can write a post for a website or blogger and earn money easily.

12-: Domain traders -: If you have some money then you can become a domain traders. You can buy and sell your domain and earn money here. You can buy a domain in lowest price and sell into high range.

13-: Website flipping -: Like domain traders website flipping is the best way for earning money. you can create a website here. After 6 month for  creating a website get the money from google adsense or affiliate marketing you can put your website for auction on the flippa, empireflippers.

14-:Earn money from social media app -: There are many social media app available in the market. By the help of these apps you can earn money as like earn money from instagram, earn money from roposo app, earn money from google opinion reward  etc.

15- Earn money from advertising – : Google adsense is the best way for earning money. When you are created a website or blog you can add your add here and earn money.


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