How to remove password from PDF

Introduction -: Some PDF file  are encrypted with a password which you shall  need to enter password  each time when you want to open this document. You can remove the password to view the documents. if you are keeping the PDF in a secure location.

How to remove password from PDF-:

This is a simple tricks for removing the PDF file password. This will create a copy in your system. In other words we can say that it will create a duplicate copy of the PDF. The duplicate copy of the PDF file don’t have necessary a password.

This trick will work if the PDF  file doesn’t have any printing restrictions. If the printing restrictions then you can not remove the password of PDF file. However, many PDF files are just password-protected to provide encryption and can be printed normally once you provide the password.

You can do this in a few ways. as like  If you using Google Chrome on Windows, macOS, Linux, or Chrome OS, you can do it right through your browser. Follow these process


1.  First Open the PDF file in the Google  Chrome. If Google Chrome is your default PDF viewer, double-clicking the PDF file It will open it in Chrome. Means open the PDF file in Google Chrome.

2. Enter the password when prompted.You’ll want the modern-day password to get rid of it from the document. This will open the file as like Give the password here and click submit button



3.  Next Click the printer icon.It’s near the top-right corner of Google Chrome. A list of print options will appear as like here


4. Next Click Change button it show here in the destination as like

5. Next click the Select Save as PDF.  It showing here as like

6. After click save as PDF file a dialogue box will open here as like here Click Print. Then click the save button it  will appear as like

7. Next  give the file name  and click Save. When we save This PDF file it will save without password.

8. When you click the save button this PDF file will save in your computer. It will save in your system.

9. Next time when you will open this PDF file you can open it without password. Means it will open directly.

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