how to get more subscribers on youtube

YouTube Introduction-: YouTube is a american video sharing website. Any one can see the video free of cost. It is the best platform for earning money using video uploading content and sharing them. YouTube is operated by the Google.

If we want to earn money from YouTube It is necessary first create a YouTube channels.  

The next step after creating a channel Increase subscribers on YouTube.

How to increase subscriber on Youtube:

For increase the subscriber on YouTube follow these process


1 .-  Create A Good Video-: First step for increasing the YouTube subscriber it is necessary to create a good video quality. In this video what are showing here to user enplane all things clearly. This is the most important the video quality may be good.

2. Good Content-: The second thing of video content must be in good position. Video content is very important it must be very useful. If the video that you are making it is not useful or its not interested then the use can not interested and they left your channel.

In others words we can say that its determining when and how frequently you’re going to post. You should pick a day when you can dedicate to it, so viewing becomes a regular habit for people.

If you have troubling for searching a video content think about a common pain point and how you can break it up into smaller pieces. For the most part, people have a short attention span so this will give them digestible information and keep their attention longer.

3. Create a Channel Logo trailer-: When you select the topic of your YouTube channel create a good Logo of your Channels. A channel Logo is a brief highlight reel of who you are why your videos are useful for the user  and why they should continue to be interested in what is coming out.


4.Optimize your video titles-: Title play a very important role on YouTube and website development. After creating a channel next steps comes video title. Search the video Title and Give a Good title for your video.

In others words we can say that the video title that you are giving it must be good name . If you don’t how to give the video title name then search. because In SEO in the past and present but it still has a pretty large effect on video.Video title must be good and understandably because  Google crawlers don’t watch videos the way they read blog posts, so putting the keyword in the title will let Google bots know what your video is all about.

5. YouTube Video Size -: The YouTube video must be short it means if you are telling some thing this video must be more then 5 minute . If the video size of your video is more then 5 minutes then user left your channels.

6. Optimize Your YouTube Video Descriptions- The video description will not only let your videos be found in search engines It will also give potential viewers an idea of what your video is about.It’s tell about video.

It’s give the all detail about video because only the first few lines of your description show up when the video is initially loaded.

According  the title, you should use your keyword in the description. Don’t think you’re outsmarting the search engine by adding in your keyword again and again. Doing this will actually hurt your chances of showing up in searches.

7. Use Eye-Catching Thumbnails-: This may seem like a pretty minor tip, but it could be the very reason your number of viewers is decreasing and you aren’t seeing a spike in subscribers.

8.Check Out Your Competition on YouTube-: This is very important  We mentioned this a little before in terms of deciding on thumbnail videos and channel trailers. In  comes to strategizing your YouTube channel and getting more subscribers, take a look at your competitor’s video content. Think about this question

  • How are their viewers reacting?
  • Which topics tend to resonate more with their audience?

Don’t forget to take a look at how they are interacting with their viewers as well. Are they even getting feedback?

9.Cross Promote Your YouTube Channel-:This is play very important role  to increasing your YouTube channel. You can promote your YouTube channel to famous other  channel. There are many YouTube’rs then will help you increasing your subscriber. You can pay them some money and they will promote your channels.

You can promote your channel free of cost. There are many platform where you can promote your channel as like social media, website and blogs. You can promote your channel free of cost.

In social media as like Facebook, instagram,twitter,etc.

There are some app where you can promote your video as like tiktok etc

10. Show Attractive video- Your video must be attractive. You are  not going to get subscribers if your video and  your video content is boring. You may be producing informative content but if you aren’t doing it in a way that keeps your viewer’s attention they aren’t going to be interested in any future material you are producing.

By the help of these topic you can increase your YouTube subscribers.


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