Internet connection in PC or laptop

How to Connect to internet  Personal computer or Laptop using Mobile Phone-:

In the laptop providing WiFi facility in laptop but in the personal computer don’t providing WiFi  facility . By using this process we can connect our PC or laptop from internet.

An intimate way to share the Android phone’s digital cellular connection is to connect the phone directly to a computer and activate the tethering feature.

Many people don’t know how to run internet in PC or laptop using mobile. By this process we want a USB cable, Mobile and laptop or PC.

First we connect PC or laptop from mobile using a USB cable-: For connecting a PC we need a USB cable for connecting a PC to Mobile. It is called the USB cable.  Another we need a android phone that is using Internet connection . There are some following process as like

Now we go to the android mobile menu and choose the setting option by this way

In this menu we select the setting menu in Mobile now we get another menu . In the market there are many mobiles companies are available these providing different type setting option. we select the setting option after selecting we get a some option as like this way…

In this menu we select more option and click here. Some mobile companies providing directly providing this facility . when we connect to PC to mobile these option will show here as like 

In this menu we select Tathering and portable hotspot and click here 

now we get this dialogue box in our phone.


Now click the USB Tathering  button. Our PC  is connected to the internet. We can use the internet facility in PC using mobile phone.

By the same process we connect our laptop from mobile  and using internet in laptop.

In the laptop we use the WiFi facility these are available in Laptop.

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