How to learn Salesforce technology

What Is Salesforce-: In very simple words, Salesforce is an online tool that helps businesses to efficiently manage their customer information (basically a database of customers). Salesforce is actually a CRM that stands for customer relationship management.

Salesforce is cloud based CRM software, developed to enable organizations to grow efficiently and profitably by reducing the cost of management of hardware infrastructure. Salesforce offers a variety of features across all functional areas of the company.

how to learn salesforce

Salesforce is a most famous CRM solution provider to the industry or an organization. Salesforce provides software as a services (Saas) product solution to customers. It means that the user need not to install software or server to maintain.

Salesforce CRM is a set of business process and integrated application that help companies or industry to manage customer details like user information, activities and conversation in one place.

Salesforce provides us with the fastest path from idea to app. we You can concentrate on building our app using salesforce tools rather than making the infrastructure and tools ourselves.

What is CRM-: CRM stand is the customer relationship management. It is a technology to managing a company’s relationships with their customers or potential customer.

How to work CRM-: For understanding CRM we take a example suppose I am running a company that sell foods. Now I am running a campaign using the marketing team. My marketing team found the 2 lead A and B.

A is running a school and B is running a NGO. A said to me we can not buy your product because we have not the budget. So the A is not qualified lead.

B that running a NGO that are interested to buy my companies product. Now the marketing team work is over. Now the sales team go to the B and sell my companies food product.

salesforce crm

Now the B call the companies support team and said the last product or last delivery that you send me that was damage please change it. The support team said to we have generate a case and we will get back in 5 days.

We have three working team marketing, sales and support. that means we need a system which can handle marketing activity, sales activity, service activity .

Advantage of Salesforce

There are multiple advantage of salesforce CRM

1-: Salesforce is a cloud Computing based CRM solution provider.

2-: This CRM provide pre built application that we can use them. For using these application we need to create a account and we can use it.

3-: As we know many application are already created so that’s save the time and money.

4-: Salesforce provide reports and dashboards which helps user’s to run their own report and dashboards.

5-: We can forecast and upcoming opportunities.

6-: Salesforce has outlook integration, email template, built in record search and can create new leads, accounts, contact and opportunities.

7. salesforce brings companies and customer together

8-: Lots of features to improve sales, service and marketing

9-: Its providing platform services to create application etc.

Salesforce Product -: There are many product that provide salesforce. The list has been given here these are

  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Heroku
  • MuleSoft
  • Einstein
  • Communities
  • Industry Specific Cloud

How can I learn Salesforce

Salesforce provide and help who want to learn salesforce. It’s own platform that is called the salesforce Trailhead. There are some developer running blogs and YouTube channel where you can learn the salesforce.

Netnic Is a website that is also Providing information about salesforce.

Salesforce organize developer user group in the big cities . You can Join these groups and learn the thrill of salesforce.

Now a days many institute are opened which provides online training or offline training​ on salesforce try some of them.

Multinational companies are providing internal training for various technology you can reach out to training .

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