What is Salesforce trailhead

Salesforce Trailhead Introduction-: This is a free platform to learn Salesforce technology. This technology is very helpful for everyone who is learning Salesforce. We know that the Salesforce is a CRM that provide many services like customer, developer, admin and others. We can learn all things about Salesforce from Trailhead.

what is salesforce trailhead

If you are a developer you can learn to code. If you are admin you can learn manual customization. All the Basics About Salesforce in One Word You Can Learn from Trailhead

In simple words we can say that the trailhead is a series to learn Salesforce technology for the beginner. It was launched in 2014 and its comes in 3 level. These are

  1. Trail
  2. Module
  3. Unit

Salesforce Trailhead is a free platform for learning Salesforce. Trailhead helps developers migrate from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience, the modern development platform, which provides a great deal of declarative code so coding can be standardized and user-friendly. Modules show users how to program in Apex, JavaScript and Visual-force.

How to start Salesforce Trailhead

Start a trailhead follow theses process

1-: First go to your browser and search the url of trailhead. you can go here direct trailhead.salesforce.com

2. if you have account then click the login button. If you don’t have account then click signup button and create a account using the social account or gmail account. Its asked some detail fill the detail here.

3. After creating account you can login here. Here we see the multiple option as like here

trailhead salesforce

Here we click the learn button we see here some menu will show here.

(A). Trails-: Trail is a collection of modules and project which define the learning path which map to the role. If you are working as a developer and you want to become a developer then we have a developer trails.If we are working as a administration the we have a administration trails. Trail is a example of learning path.

(B). Modules-: A single topic could be anything when you are experienced learner you may not learn the trial and just pickup a module and search that learn about the topic

(C) Project -: In this we can select the your role as like developer ,admin or business user then we select the project. Some people learn from the the listener and some people learn doing project.

(D) Trailmixes-: It is mixes of various trails, various modules, various project. We are making custom trailmixes for learning Salesforce.

How To Use Trailhead To Become A Salesforce Developer

In the above we learn how to start trailhead now i will tell you how to use trailhead to become a Salesforce developer.

First login the trailhead Salesforce. Here click the learn button and select the trailmixes here

trimixes in salesforce

After selecting click the discover trailmixes button. Here you saw many trailmixes here . You can select here this trailmixes here

developer carrier in salesforce

When we click this link a new window will open here. there are multiple project and models link available here some model and link has been given here

(A)-: Salesforce Developer Career Path

(B)-:Meet a Salesforce Developer

(C)-:Platform Development Basics(module)

(D)-:Quick Start: Lightning Web Components (project).

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