What is Data Loader in Salesforce

Data Management In Salesforce-: Data management is the process of collecting, keeping, and using data securely. We know that Salesforce is a CRM. That provide bulk data that’s the reason data management are necessary in Salesforce. Data Performing Operation on bulk record as like Insert,Update, Delete and export in data management.

data loader in salesforce

In data management there are two process first called the upsert ( it is the combination of update and insert mean insert + Update are make the upsert) second is the undelete( it is the combination of merge and update means we add update + merge).

What is Data Loader In Salesforce

Salesforce is using a tool for managing data called the data loader. Data Loader is a client application for the bulk import or export of data. It Used to insert, update, delete, or export Salesforce records. When importing data, Data Loader reads, extracts, and loads data from comma-separated values (CSV) files or from a database connection.

How to use data Loader In Salesforce

There are two way using the data loader in Salesforce. It is available Salesforce Classic and Lighting Experience.

1-: Command Line-: You can use data loader from command line for windows only. You set specific configuration, data sources, mappings and actions in files. This enables you to set up Data Loader for automated processing.

2-: User Interface -: When you are using user interface you need to work interactively to specify the configuration parameters, CSV files used for import and export and the field mappings that map the field names in your import file with the field names in Salesforce.

Data Loader Features in Salesforce
  • Data loader provide drag and drop field mapping facility.
  • Its Support large files with up to 5 million records.
  • It is easy to use wizard interface for interactive use.
  • An alternate command line interface for automated batch operations (Windows only).
  • Support for all objects, including custom objects etc.
  • It’s supports window and macs
  • It can be used to process data in both Salesforce and DBMS
  • Detailed success and error log files in CSV format.

How to Install Data Loader In Salesforce

Installing data loader is very easy process. First login in Salesforce account using the email id and password. After search in the left menu data loader as like we have create a custom app in Salesforce Here we see there are two option available here

1-: Download data loader for windows -: If you are using the windows operating system then download it other wise choose another option.

2-:Download data loader for Mac-: If you are using mac operating system then select this option.

Here I am using windows operating system then i download the data loader for windows. This application has been install in your system. Now open this application.

data loader in salesforce

Data Loader has 7 Button available as we can see here.

(A) Insert Button -: By the help of this button we can insert data in Salesforce CRM

(B) Update -: This Button is use for Update the data in Salesforce CRM

(C)Upsert -: It is the combination of update and insert mean insert and Update are make the upsert. By the help we can insert and update the data in Salesforce crm.

(D) Delete-: We can delete data using this button in Salesforce crm.

(E)Hard Delete-: By the help we can delete all data of Salesforce crm.

(F)Export -: We can export a csv file using this button. All the files can be upload here.

(G)Export all -: We can upload here multiple file here using this button.

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