How to make money with Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Reward Introduction -:  Google Opinion Reward is a Android and IOS app. It was Launched by google.In other words we cab say that the Google Opinion Rewards is a rewards-based program and developed by Google.This  app created by the Google Surveys team. Google Opinion Reward it Launched 25 June 2019.

It was initially launched as a survey mobile app for Android and iOS. This  app allows users to answer surveys and earn rewards.Google opinion rewards is now available in India. After a long wait, the app is available in India, Singapore and Turkey.

How to download Google Opinion Reward -: Like any other app before you use this app first you can download this app from play store and google play store then install it. You can download this App here



How can earn money using Google Opinion Reward App-: Google Opinion Reward is a App that provide a survey of user.In the Survey it’s asked the some question to the user and user give this survey answer and submitted The earning will depend on your survey. If you get more survey then your income will increase.

How to get more survey on Google Opinion Reward  -: If you want to more survey then follow these process

1 – Open the Google Opinion Reward every day-: If you want to earn money using google opinion reward it is necessary  open this app every single day.Then you will get more survey.

2. Always GPS On-: It means start your GPS 24 hours. suppose if you are visiting any shopping mall it takes the survey about the shopping mall. so on your GPS 24 hours.

3.Location History-:If you are sharing your location history. It increase the get the survey more then because if you are visiting any place its asked the about place.

4.  Give the Right Information-:Google know everything while taking a survey be honest.If your answer is inconsistent you don’t get the next survey.

5.Pay attention while taking survey-: While answering the survey, you may receive a dummy question in the middle of the questions, to check whether you are still paying attention. The question will be like, please select 5 stars below. And if your answer is wrong, that will signal that you are not taking surveys seriously.

How To share Location on Google Opinion Reward-: If you want to more survey from Google Opinion Reward it is necessary to share your location history. For sharing location history follow these process..

  • Login the app and swipe and select the setting menu.
  • when we click setting Option we get two option. select the Google Location History and click this button.
  • This show the device name click the on button.



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