How to download ROPOSO app and earn online money

Today many people’s have smartphone. In these day everyone is have artist in his body. Many platforms are available to create video and musical short movie. ROPOSO is one of theme.

ROPOSO is a indian social app. In this app people’s create videos for example funny, romantic, love, comedy, musical and many more.
In ROPOSO app you earn online money. ROPOSO provide method to earn money. In this you create video and earn lots of money. ROPOSO app is available in Playstore. It is trustable and safe to use. Millions people’s use this app and enjoying with earn money.

How to download and install

1. First go to Playstore and search ROPOSO app.

2. After download this app  it is automatically install.

3. When the app is install open it

4. The ROPOSO app want to choose language. In this section you choose your own language.

5. After choosing language it want mobile number and send OTP on your mobile number.

6. When you add OTP the next page open and want your personal detail like as name, age, gender. After filling details click on sign up button.

7. Now ROPOSO want choose language to you in witch videos are play and create.

8. And now ROPOSO is start. You can create videos and look many videos.

How to earn money from Roposo App

In ROPOSO app earning method is simple. When you sign up ROPOSO you will have some coins in your account and after you will have more coins to create videos. In this app you share your friends and earn coins. Coins are redeem in to money. Money will transfer in your paytm account.

Another method for earning are from Roposo

1 .-  Brand Sponsoring-: This is the most popular way for earning money from Roposo. Itis one of the most popular apps in the india, advertisers are willing to high payment to showcase their brand to a primarily young audience.

2. -Selling your product-: If you become famous on Roposo you can sell own product or other product.You probably are no stranger to merchant (healthy foods, electronic item, clothes, shirts, pants, etc. ) being sold on Roposo and across all platforms has been shown to make about the same if not more money than ads would make you.

3. Cross promoting your other social media accounts.  As like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter… The most popular Roposo user  really build large audiences across all other platforms not only to diversify just in case Roposo dies, but also because more people looking will be looking at your content which equals more money.

4. you can earn money using the web promotion and app. there are many app owner and website owner want to promote there web and app. they will pay you for prompting there app and website.


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