how to remove bad backlinks

Backlink Introduction -: It is necessary to know what is the website backlink. In the search engine optimization for any website backlink play a very important role. For increasing website domain authority and traffic of a website backlink are very important parts.

It is the part of search engine optimization. A backlink for a given web resource is a link from some other website to that web resource. A web resource may be a website, web page, or web directory. A backlink is a reference comparable to a citation. For example of backlink as like here 

What is Bad BackLink -:Bad backlink are on these website that is not available on server or removing the server or there domain authority is very low or these website are ban from search engine. For example if we create a backlink for another website and website is delete or this is not available on server . It is a bad backlink.

For increasing website domain authority and website ranking it is necessary to remove the bad link of website. Before we remove bad link it is necessary to know which backlink are bad and good.

How to identify the backlink-: For removing the bad backlink it is necessary to know the which link are bad links.Some tools are provide this type facility these are the

  1. Link explore-: It was developed by Moz. The first and easiest step is just to get your backlink data from Link Explorer’s huge backlink index.
  2. Ahref -: Ahref is another method to know the backlink. This is provide many services. Ahrefs is a premium tool that has among the biggest live inbound link index for websites. It works by running backlink checks 4 times every hour to updates its repertoire.
  3. majestic seo-:  This is a site explorer to analyze the backlink of your website. Combining two qualities, Citation flow and Trust flow, you can get a comprehensive view of the quality of your profile.


Process For removing the bad Backlink-: After identify the bad backlink it is necessary to remove bad backlink for increasing website ranking and domain authority. There are many process for removing bad backlink. here are some

1 -:  First is the very easy way you can contact the site admin. Send him a request to remove your backlink to his website.

2. Some time a website delete from the server in this condition you can not contact the site owner in this condition google provide a good solution. This solution is Disavow Tools

How To disavow Tool work-: First login your google search console or search the disavow tool in google search console or you can direct open here disavow tools 

Before you use this link create a file in your notepad and save it in .txt file format. In this file given the bad backlink address one by one . Give the all website  name one by one and save it.

After open this file a dialogue box will open here as like


Here if you have multiple site from a one google account then select the these website address which you want to remove bad backlink. And click the disavow links. It’s provide a file upload option here. here upload the .txt file which are created in notepad and all the list has been give in notepad file.

Here choose the .txt file and upload it.After uploading click submit button here. It will take some time for removing your bad backlink.

By this process you can remove your bad backlink easily.


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