How to Convert a Website into a Mobile App

What Is Mobile App-: A mobile app (mobile application) is a software developed for mobile devices like smartphones, tablet PCs, iPhones, iPads, etc. A mobile app is a shortened form of a computer version that is specially designed and developed for smartphone users and its main purpose is to increase the productivity of the user, to provide special features and to make easy distribution.

Mostly app are developed in java programming. For developing a mobile app you need knowledge of c programming, c++ and Java programming language.

Types of Mobile App -: Mobile apps can be divided mainly into three types according to their utility capacity.

  1. Native Apps
  2. Hybrid App
  3. Web based App

Native Apps: These apps are developed for only one operating system or device. As such, apps developed for the iPhone can only run on the iPhone and cannot be run on other smartphones. That is, they are not run for other devices. These apps are very fast and give better user experience with quality to the user.

Hybrid App: As its name suggests, these apps are developed for more than one mobile platform/device. These apps are developed using web-based technology and the same code is developed to be compatible for multiple devices. That is, an app can also run in iPhone and can run in other device also.

Web-Based Apps: These apps are built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript technology. Their size is very light but their performance is poor than the native apps. But you can access them only with the help of web browser.

How to convert a Website Into Mobile App

Converting a website into mobile android app you need a website. There are many website that are providing for creating a android app from the website. These are paid and some are free of cost. You can convert your website into android app. when you convert your website into app these website create a apk file to your website. You can download this apk file and upload to play store. Follow these process

1.-: Open the google and search this appsgeyser. Now a window will open here. Give the URL of the website. Here I have a WordPress website and I am converting this website into android app.

convert website into app

How to Convert a WordPress website into mobile app

Netnic Is a WordPress based website. After giving this URL click on the save button then you get this type we get this type app setting here

app setting

Select Blog type-: When we click save button then it give us this setting here we select the WordPress blog radio button.

Enter Blog URL -: This blog is auto fill as like we see. If we want to give some another feed then we give here.

Enable push Notification -: When we click this check box then we get all post notification in our created app.

Use Color from app theme-: By selecting this check we can given the color of app.

Customize app layout -: By selecting this setting we give the color and menu style. There are multiple option available here for app menu.

2-: Now click the Next button after selecting color and menus style of app. When we click next button its asked the app name. Here give the app name. I am giving app name Netnic and click the Next Button.

website app name

3-: Now we give the app logo here. Here we can select default logo icon or you can upload the customize icon. For giving the your created icon select customize icon button and upload it. After uploading click the next button.

app create link

4-: After giving all information we get a create button. In the right side we saw a mobile design where we can see the app preview. If we want to change this design and color or another thing we can do this. Now we click this create button its asked the login id using Gmail account or Facebook account.

5-: Now we get a download button. Here this website suggest some premium offer if you want to free then ignore these offer.

app download link

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