v shaped model in software engineering

V shaped model -: The major drawback of Waterfall model is we move to the next stage only when the previous one is finished and there was no chance to go back if something is found wrong in the previous stage. This problem solution provide the V shaped model. This model provide testing of software any stage in the reverse stage.

In this model every stage has a test plan and test case are created to verify and validate the product according to the requirement of that stage. For example in the requirement gathering stage the test team prepares all the test cases in correspondence to the requirement later when the product is developed and is ready for testing test cases of this stage verify the software against its validity towards requirements at the stage.

This makes both verification and validation go in parallel. This model is also known as verification and validation model.

Verification -: In this process all static process are involve. All the stage are available without execute the code As like collect the information, system analysis, create the design etc.

verification process of v shaped model -: There are multiple verification process in v shaped model. these are the

  1. Collect the Information -: First stage of any software collect the information to the client. what are the requirement of creating the software.
  2. System analysis -after collecting the requirement the next phase comes system analysis.
  3. Software design -: After analysis the system the next phase create the design of software.
  4. Model design -: After creating the software design the next phase is create the model design.

Validation -: In this process all the dynamic process(functional and non-functional Technic) are involve.In the validation evaluate the software after the completion of the development phase to determine whether software needs the customer expectations and requirements. In this phase all the testing related phase comes

Unit testing -: Unit Test Plans are developed during module design phase.

Integration Testing -: After the unit testing the next phase comes integration testing comes in v shaped model. Integration testing is performed on the Architecture design phase. This test verifies the communication of modules among themselves.

System Testing-: After integration testing the next phase of system testing. System testing is the complete application with its functionality, inter- dependency and communication.The system test the functional and non-functional requirements of the developed software.

Acceptance Testing -: This testing is the final testing. It means this testing is doing by the user. That user can work easily.

Advantage pf v shaped model- There are multiple advantage of this model …

  1. This mode phase are completed .
  2. In this model we can change any thing in any stage.
  3. This model is used for small project where the requirement are clear.
  4. It is easy to understand and use

Disadvantage of v shaped model –

  1. This model is use for small project not a big project.
  2. High risk in this model. If you can not understand the requirement of project then your work is not clear.
  3. This model don’t support iteration phase.

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