software development life cycle

Introduction of SDLC-: The full name of SDLC is the software development life cycle.It is clear that the SDLC is the process of creating a software. All the process of creating a software starting to ending comes in the SDLC. A software development  life cycle is a model  that also called process model.

In other words we can say that SDLC  is a descriptive and diagrammatic representation of the software life cycle. A life cycle model represents all the activities required to make a software product transit through its life cycle phases. It also captures the order in which these activities are to be


Need of SDLC -:  A software life cycle model defines starting  and ending  criteria for every stage. A Stage can start only if its stage entry criteria have been satisfied. So without software life cycle model the starting and ending criteria for a stage cannot be recognized. Without software life cycle models  Like a classical waterfall model,iterative waterfall model, spiral model, prototyping model, evolutionary model etc. it becomes difficult for software project managers to monitor the progress of the project.

It is necessary the development team must choose a suitable life cycle model for the particular project . Without using of a particular life cycle model the development of a software product would not be in a systematic and disciplined manner. When a software product is being developed by a team there must be a clear understanding among team members about when and what to do. Otherwise it would be failure.


Process of Software Development Life Cycle -: SDLC is a model that describing all the process of creating a software starting to ending. SDLC model divided in some stage. These are the ..


(1)-: Requirement analysis -: This is the first stage SDLC. For creating any software it is necessary what are the Software requirement.All the software related information are collecting as like what is the use of software, which platform use in software etc.

(2).Design of software -: The next stage for SDLC is the software design. After collecting the information about software create a design for the software according the requirement.

(3).Coding -: The next steps of SDLC for the coding.The implementation of software design into coding. Write the code of the programs.

(4).Testing -: After writing the code of software the next steps is the SDLC is the testing. Testing is the many types as like unit testing,system testing etc.

(5).Integrating -: After the testing the next steps comes SDLC software integrating. Software may need to be integrated with the libraries, databases and other program.

(6)-maintenance –The final stage of SDLC is the maintenance.When the client use the software the real problem comes.


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