Spiral Model in software engineering

Spiral Model Introduction -: This model is describe Software Development process. This model is a combination of both model first is the iterative model and one SDLC model and combined it with cyclic process.

This model considers risk which often goes un-noticed by most other model . The model start with determining objectives and constraint of the software at the start of one iteration. Next phase is of prototyping the software. The includes risk analysis. The one standard sdlc model is used to build the software. In the fourth phase of the plan of the next iteration is prepared.

Spiral model Stage- In this model has a spiral process but all the process are divided . These are ..
Risk management -: In this process what are the problem are created .

Prototyping -: In this which prototype are using for creating the software development process.

Design -: After determine the prototype for create the design of software.

Code- After creating the design the next phase comes for code. Create the code of this software.

Integration -: After creating the code of software the next phase comes integration of this software.

Test -: After integration the next phase comes for testing of software.

Implementation -: The final stage of this model implementation .

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