What is system software and It’s defination

System Software:-
It acts as an interface between Computer
and peripherals and optimizes the utilization of resources. It also acts
as a mediator between User and Computer. It Converts the English like
language to machine language (0’s and 1’s) and fed to computer for
necessary processing. The processed data which is in the form of machine
language converts back to English like language for User understanding.
Literally it is difficult to work with the PC effectively without
Operating System. Example: Windows XP, Linux etc.
in other words we can say the system software is a type of computer
programme this is designed to run a computer hardware and its application
and system software is a interface between the hardware and user
Example- Operating system
An assembler takes basic computer instructions and converts them into a
pattern of bits that the computer’s processor can use to perform its
basic operations.

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